Olivia's Paris 2011 Journal


Sunday, February 27, we leave the snow and cold.  Our travels and first days in Paris.

Friday, March 4 and we are now settled in our apartment.

Sunday, March 6 - a concert and pictures around our neighborhood.

Wednesday, March 9, a concert at the Carnavalet Museum.

Thursday, March 10, Touring the Marais  with Barbara Stickler.

Saturday March 12.  Market Day.

Sunday, March 13.  Chamber music trio at St. Ephrem and views of the Hotel de Ville.

Monday, March 14.  George Brassens Exposition vernissage at Cit de la Musique, and Zakuski at Chez Marianne.

Tuesday, March 15 and a visit to see Louise.

Wednesday March 16.  We went to a concert at Htel Soubise and to Gilbert Jeune to buy books.

Thursday, March 17.  Noon piano concert at the 9th arr. Mairie and a great "lunch" at Le Petit Riche.

Sunday, March 20.  Tulip trees in bloom at the Palais Royale; St. Eustache church; the Quiet Man pub.

Monday, March 21.  Leroy Merlin hardware store; the Templar garden; shopping.

Wednesday, March 23.  Les Amants Fou at the Tambour Royale theater.

Thursday, March 24.  Buying knives.

Friday, March 25.  Denis Pascal plays Liszt.  Spring in the Luxembourg garden.

Saturday, March 26.  Wine show.

Thursday, April 7.  Dinner at Gerald's home.

Monday, April 4, Salieri-Mozart concert, posted by Ernie.

Saturday, June 18. An afternoon in Saint-Denis, posted by Ernie.

Tuesday, June 21.  La nuit de la musique in Paris, posted by Ernie.

Trip to the Music Festival in Albi by Olivia and Ernie

    Wednesday, June 29 through Saturday, July 2.  The Festival.

    Sunday July 3 through Wednesday, July 6.  Return to Paris via Arcachon, the Ile de R and La Rochelle.

July 14, 2011, Bastille Day in Paris. 

July Pilates.

Two visits to the historic Paris Observatory:  May 30, 2011, personal tour for Ernie  July 22, 2011  invitation to Chalonge School closing session, tour, and reception.

July 29, concert in the auditorium of the UNESCO building.

July 30, visit to the Parc de Bagatelle in the Bois de Boulogne

July 31, Beach on the Seine and at the Htel de Ville

August 1, a fire around the corner from our apartment!

We love the classical music scene in Paris.  Here is a list of concerts covering the 5 months March through July.

Link to "Winter-Spring in Paris" 2010

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