Fall in Paris Journal

September 8. First night in Millbrae.

September 9.  Overnight flight to Paris.

September 10. Our first day in Paris.

September 11.  Back to our favorite outdoor market at Port Royal and then to the Parc Floral in the Bois de Vincennes and a wonderful performance of Schubert's two cello string Quintet.

September 12.  We retrieve our belongings from Barbara's "cave," left behind from our Spring visit.

September 13.

September 14.

September 15.

September 16.

September 17.  Olivia begins pilates.  Visit to Les Invalides.

September 18.  Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and two Bach violin concertos at the St. Julien le Pauvre church.

September 19.  Hippodrome. (horse races).

September 20.  Renting a cello.

September 21.  Exploring the area around the Porte d'Orlans.

September 22.  Olivia's cello lesson.  Visit Louise.  Le "Chant de la Sibylle," ancient music from Catalan, performed by a superb group at the Cit de la Musique.

September 23.  The first (for us) of many demonstrations over the battle about the retirement age.

September 24.  Flamenka.

September 25. Visit to the Paris Sewers Museum.

September 26.  An organ concert (modern works) at the St. Sulpice church.  Bouillabaisse at Le Dme.

September 27.  Ernie begins French lessons.

September 28.  An unusual performance of Bach's Goldberg Variations transcribed for two pianos at the Muse d'Orsay.

September 30.  Visit Louise.  Movie: Amore.

October 2.   Another great concert at Cit de la Musique.

October 3.  Olivia's birthday.  Dinner at La Coupole followed by dessert at Chez Clment.

October 5.  Judy and Frank Franz come to our apartment for "l'apro."

October 7.  Walk in the Luxembourg Gardens in perfect weather.  Olivia see "A Dark and Handsome Stranger,"  the new Woody Allen movie.

October 8.  Barbara comes to our apartment for "l'apro" and then dinner at Wadja, historic restaurant on our street.

October 9.  Ernie:  Montparnasse cemetery.  Concert (spectacle) at the 6th arrondissment City Hall--Clara and Robert Schumann.
October 9.  Olivia.  Grand Palais with Barbara.  Monet exhibition.

October 10.  Perfect weather!  Not a cloud in the sky.  Sightseeing:  Tuileries Garden, Palais Royale, Gypsy music outdoors, Concergerie, Bird/Flower market near Cit Metro.

October 11.  Third visit with Louise and Olivia recovers her pink change purse..

October 12.  Big demonstration on Boulevard Montparnasse.  Lots of great photos from our apartment windows.

October 13.  Lunch at "La Sieste" a wonderful little restaurant right next door!

October 14.  Shopping at the market on Edgar Quinet, then to the Grand Salon de Sorbonne for a Palmes Acadmique program.

October 15.  Participate in the ceremony of the renewal of the eternal flame at the Arch de Triumph; then Haydn's Creation at the Trinity Church.  Some more photos from the AMOPA web page.

October 16.  Mondial de l'automobile.  (International Auto show) at the Exposition Center at Porte de Versailles.

October 19.  Dinner at our "neighborhood restaurant" La Sieste.

October 21.  Ernie.  Postal Museum.  Bourdelle Museum.
October 21.  Olivia.  Rue Mouffetard and Jardin des Plantes with friends.

October 23.  Market--choucroute for tomorrow.  With Christian & Emmanuelle:  lunch at La Petite Prigourdine, Collge des Bernardins.  Concert at Pleyel.

October 24.  Walk in the Luxembourg gardens.

October 27.  Movie:  The American

October 29.  Movie:  Les Petits Mouchoirs (Little White Lies)

October 31.  Inline skaters and Ernie goes to a couple of great concerts.

November 1.  A holiday in Paris.  We go walking, go to a great piano recital at St. Ephrem and have dinner at the Relais de l'Entrecote.

November 2.  Lots of errands to run.  Ernie went to the now familiar Salle Cortot to hear a stirring 4-hand piano recital.

London trip

November 4.  Eurostar to London.  Alan met us at St. Pancras station.  British Library (lunch), Covent Garden, train to Milton-Keynes, dinner at Persian restaurant, evening at Alan's photo club.

November 5.  "English breakfast" at Woodleys Farmhouse B&B where we spent the night.  Nice to be back there!  Most of the day at the Coopers.  Dinner at their home.  Train back to London (Euston Station). Met by Bruce and spent the night in his apartment.

November 6.  Breakfast at Bruce's.  Royal Festival Hall:  2-hour workshop by the Insight Club, 3 members of the "Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment" -- a violinist, a cellist, and an oboist.  Visited Bruce's office in King's college,  then late lunch/early dinner at Tom's Kitchen in Somerset House.  Eurostar back to Paris.  Back in our apartment at 9:30 pm.

November 9.  Concert at Salle Gaveau.  Denis Pascal performed Brahms piano concerto no. 2.

November 11.  Visit Louise.

November 12.  Returned the cello.

November 14.  (Ernie) Very nice organ/violin concert in the Notre Dame des Champs church (just down the boulevard from our apartment).



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